So, while this year has been a real rollercoaster, i want to spend this afternoon, listing down all the good things about 2020.

  1. Started the first quarter with a 11 day trip to America. I was visiting America after 11 years. And was quite excited. It was in a way a dream come true trip. I had always imagined traveling lots overseas after marriage. This was my 3rd overseas trip and 5th trip overall within 9 months of getting married. And that too a trip to AMERICA.. wooohoooo… And the cities we were visiting were the ones that make up movie dreams — NY, LA and SF.
  2. Bought a new iPhone and this has proved to be one of the best decisions.
  3. Came back on a empty flight, like a business class flyer, having paid for economy.
  4. No going to work as I quarantined myself after the US trip — the vacation continues.
  5. The country goes into a lockdown and we really enjoy the first few months. The extended joint family members have moved to their weekend home and the home is all mine!
  6. Husband and I get real quality time, we focus on our health, we love being together :)
  7. Learnt to cook efficiently. Experimented with cakes, bread, Chinese food, Thai food, Italian food, Mediterranean food, Mexican food. Moved to almost zero chemicals in my daily cooking. Of course in Chinese food and Italian food had to use a few chemical based ingredients. Loved it when husband praised my cooking.
  8. Gave up the habit of breakfast and started intermittent fasting.
  9. Best of all, hardly an office work to do! There were days when I didn’t even touch my laptop.
  10. Continued with Bhagvad Geeta reading.
  11. Husband detected with COVID. It’s super mild.. thank God. It is just the two of us at home. Yayyyy! loving this freedom in quarantine :)
  12. Took a beautiful weekend trip with friends to Phaltan and the trip made my realise that traveling with friends is a lot of fun.
  13. Soon, we took another trip to Lavasa at a friend’s bunglow… what a beautiful house. Bonded a lot with these friends.
  14. Planned and booked our Mahabaleshwar trip for the 31 Dec weekend.
  15. Found a class on Atma Bodh — this is a class I have been waiting to find.
  16. Went and stayed at my parents’ for a weekend and such super fun!
  17. Finally resigned from my workplace, a place i so detested through mos of the last 7 years…
  18. Husband’s business has been flourishing. It has grown by 3x in the last 2 years that we have known each other, by the Divine Grace.
  19. Had a nice Diwali with lots of good food and easy days with family.

Gratitude for all the above and more…

I love to travel; Destiny made me a Banker.