I was doing vajrasan after a nice Sunday lunch, when I read that SSR had committed suicide. I was like oh! Not a fan of SSR, I didn’t bother to read any further.

By evening, Twitter was buzzing with this death news and blaming K JO and the star kids. I got sucked into the tweets and devoured all SSR related trends. Over the next few days, all of us across WhatsApp groups were sharing information / meme that we got on SSR.

Three months and the case has turned from suicide to homicide / murder. From nepotism, it has moved to drug peddlers of Bollywod. From Karan Johar, the baton for villain now is with Rhea. There are 2 teams in the SSR Case — pro Kangana + Arnab and Pro Bollywood team. Everyone has chosen their respective teams. And the match is on..

I want to today share my thoughts about some aspects of this issue.

  1. Kangana, the queen. She has everything to loose. She may be settling personal scores with Karan Johar and the types… but you cannot take away from her- the courage, the style, the clarity in thought. She was the only one, who from day one, has said it is not a normal suicide. She hinted at nepotism / mild homicide from day 1. Some people hate her and think she is doing all this to get fame and settle scores. But to such people I say, she has risked her life, her earnings for making people realize that SSR suicide is not a normal suicide. Had it not been for her and her interview to Arnab, and all the alarm bells that she sounded, Ishkaran Bhandari would not have gotten into the case. We would have all believed MH police and made peace with the “suicide” story. So, let’s give the lady some love.
  2. Penguin Family — The family got into the case way back in June / July, even when there were no summons for the baby penguin. Based on Twitter gossip, the baby went to press to get himself a clean chit. Their mouthpiece spoke on social media, favoring the penguins everyday. Why? Guilty within? The fact that they are so agitated and aggressively defending Rhea… something surely is fishy in the penguin family.
  3. SSR Family — Something seems not so clear. Why would no one come and live with SSR, after Feb, when police refused to register a FIR and provide protection. Where was the sister who was staying with him? Why isn’t she speaking up? Sister in CA seems to be on a roll with her new found fame and followership. I feel the family is playing to the gallery and hiding things.
  4. SSR fan in me — I have watched a few SSR movies like Kai Po Che and MSD. Did not drool over him. I don’t think I had ever spent time reading about him. In fact, the last time I had heard anything about him was when he said that he is ashamed of being a Rajput and will drop Rajput from his name, which actually he never did (Padmavat controversy). On hearing this, I was like, this is a real desperate attempt to get into good books of Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Barring this fleeting encounter with SSR, 3–4 years ago, I don’t think I ever read or followed him life. Now, that he is no more, I feel guilty to say I never really thought highly of SSR.
  5. Then why am I so anti-Rhea. Well, I want justice for SSR so that the world knows the truth. If its a drug gang, it needs to be exposed. If Rhea drugged him and took away his money, she needs to be punished. I had ignored Jiah’s suicide thinking, oh big deal.. These girls lead a shady life. I regret these thoughts. I feel through this case, even Jiah will get justice of some sort. To break the anti India, pro Pakistan forces, we need to get to the root of this drug menace.

Praying this case really gets to the root of the issue and let SSR’s death not go wasted. Let SSR’s death be the source, the light, the power to clean India of vicious forces in Bollywood.

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