Some days are just more pleasant than others.

So, I have not updated you yet that I resigned from this organization on 26 Nov 2020. I have been really at peace after that. This post is about the work Monday.

This morning I started by thinking about life in SF. Saw Akta’s FB and went down the SF memory lane. Thoughts then meandered to Monterrey where my cousin Jay stays. And all this has been bringing a smile to my face. Will I ever get to live for a month in an apartment in SF area, my musings continue.

I get to office and receive a ebook called Mantram Beach from Vani Kola. Immediately, I download it. A book of short poems, it’s a light read and one of the first few poems ends with Chidanand Roop Shivoham Shivoham. Thereeeee…. I am all ears and an instant fan of the author.

As I flip through a couple of more poems, I realize that this probably is the only year where I have not been on a pilgrimage. Little reminiscence.. and then I remember the Yogananda Ashram I visited in March 2020. Heart is filled with love for Shri Paramhans Yoganand and the beautiful morning spent at SRF headquarters in LA fills my mind. I am longing to go back to LA .. to be at the ashram… to pray, to meditate, to realize the true SELF.

Chidanand Roop Shivoham Shivoham!

I love to travel; Destiny made me a Banker.