Back to Square 1 — Summer 2021

Corona has been a part of our lives since March 2020. Come April 2021, and we are back to almost a similar lockdown after 12 months- like life has come a full circle.

The roads are quiet again. The summer sun shines brightly. Can hear the birds chirping and the koyal in particular. The melodious koyal is back in my neighborhood and her chirping is pure joy.

In the comfort of my home, I watch Big Bang Theory every afternoon. I laze around, I browse through social media. I browse through recipes. I am loving this slow paced, ambition-less life. I am not worried about anything. I am almost vegetating. But why not? After 2 decades of working and a decent retirement corpus, I see no reason not vegetate for a while.

Husband and I have decided to eat healthy dinners — soup and salad and may be a fruit if there is a sugar craving. The endeavor is to move to raw food and keep it vegan at least 99% of the times. Every afternoon, I am browsing through recipes for salads and salad dressings. Website of Sharan India has been a blessing. It is filled with ideas about salads, dressings, how to go vegan. Its been over 15 days and each day the salad has been something new and interesting. Thanks to Sharan, my salad has colorful veggies, root vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouts. No dairy, no oils, no packaged dressings. All our salads are whole foods, plant based. The key to a successful salad is a dressing — it adds that zing and makes it possible to eat a large portion of the salad.

Joined a core Pilates class about 2 months ago. I cribbed so much to husband about these exorbitant classes. He literally forced me to it. 12 turns into it and am loving them. A lot of my aches and pains (which have been there for years) have vanished. I have lived with left leg pain for almost 3 years… or may be 5 years… I don’t even remember how long. In the last class, with my left leg in the strap of the reformer machine and and 3 *10 counts and i am free of that slow nagging pain.

Salads and Pilates — the ultimate combination !!!

I love to travel; Destiny made me a Banker.