Having read and having heard it so many times, “happiness is within you and you can tap into it at any / all times”, it was like falling on deaf ears for the past few months. I have been miserable last few months living in this big joint family.

This Diwali season I, casually, decided that I should dissipate the me vs the other women cold war that goes on in our household. And without procrastinating much, I actioned it off.

To start with, two days before Diwali, I discussed the Diwali menu with my SIL. I requested her to make the halwa (that she makes very well) for Diwali lunch. With these two small steps from my side, she started talking to me. She started discussing non controversial (food and Hinduism related) things with me. On Dhanteras, when we had to light diyas on Dhanteras, I discussed with her what we do at my Mom’s house. Most of our customs were same, we realized. She added a few things from her side and I followed them when lighting the diyas.

After this, it was a smooth sail through Diwali and Bhai dooj. She has been talking to me nicely. As a result, her daughter in law has been nice. Because of these 2 ladies and my rapport being smooth, the tension in the house dissipated. All of us had a peaceful and Happy Diwali.

I now truly believe and urge you to believe too that happiness is within you. And tapping into it just a matter of you deciding that “Yes, I want to be Happy”