I first made a shortcut undhiyo in the heat of summer 2020. I was looking for a mix veg recipe Gujrati style and came across this one recipe. I changed the vegetables suggested in this recipe to the ones I had. End result: a yummy undhiyo style sabzi. Husband and I both loved ur,

I told my sis about this discovery. She told me her cook makes undhiyo in a similar manner and gave me her cook’s recipe. The next time, again the heat of summer I made this vegetable with some edits from the cook’s recipe.

This time the dish turned out 80–85% like a undhiyo. I loved it so much that i made it a couple of more times.

My sister in law was visiting us in August and I made this sabzi for her. She fell in love with it, primarily because of the variety of vegetables included and because of the freshness in flavors.

So here is my recipe.

Veggies needed: Sweet potato — cubed, bringal — big pieces, Kand — big cubes, valor / papdi — lots of them, split open. (make sure the ratio of baigan and papdi is high than that of the root vegetables, it tastes better).

First fry the kand separately and semi cook it. This is done so that the sticky, jelly type substance disappears.

In a kadhai, add enough oil to cover the base, add jeera and ajwain. Put the papdi first, followed by baigan, sweet potato and partially cooked kand. Cover and cook. After 5 mins add haldi and salt and cover it again and cook. Put the gas on sim.

For muthiyas: Wheat atta, methi, oil, salt, haldi, sugar, red chilli powder, dhaniya powder. Add lukewarm water to make the dough soft. Steam the muthias.

Coconut coriander masala: grate coconut coarse and 3 green chilies in a mixer grinder. Add to it, finely chopped green lasan and finely chopped coriander. Add lemon, sugar, haldi, dhanajeera powder, 2 pinch of garam masala. Add salt. mix the masala well with your hand. Taste it to adjust the flavors.

Once the veggies are coked, add the muthias. And add the Coconut-coriander masala. Mix the masala and muthiya and cover and cook for another 15 mins.

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