In March 2021: It has been 2–3 weeks since I quit my corporate life after 20 years.

The preceding weeks have been marked by 2 important pilgrimages — one to Kumbh Mela (Haridwar / Rishikesh) and one to Temples of Tamil Nadu (Southern Sojourn) with a group tour organised by Isha Yoga. (more about these on my future posts).

What occurred to me was that in spite of 2 weeks of eating wheat, having tea, eating oily food, and eating meager amounts of salad and fruits, I never got any acidity or reflux, which had been a norm since 2019. Mornings without having to be bothered about acidity or gas was a new experience to me. So, my acidity issue is a small one, I thought. It isn’t something that needs medication. I only need to find out through observation and trial what leads to this acidity.

At the same time I came across a free online session on Salad Revolution by Sharan. Spread over 2 days and 6 sessions of an hour each, the Sharan team made vegan salads on zoom, answered our questions and gave us ideas and recipes to create easy salads at home. From peanut curd to cashew mayonnaise to vegan cheese, we saw how simple and easy it is to create these things at home.

The very next day I started making salads as taught by Sharan. Oil free, dairy free, sugar free, processed food free.

It has been almost a month of salad making and not one of the recipes has failed me. Husband and I have salads our main dinner. And every day is a exciting day as I create a new salad.

And, what has also happened is my stomach ailments have disappeared without having to consult any doctor or nutritionist. Wake up early, feeling lighter and more energetic. Stomach has become flatter and I actually feel hungry. The feeling of being full all the time has gone.

So grateful to my SIL who passed on the Sharan Salad Revolution message to me. And so grateful to Sharan for taking me on the journey of raw food and veganism so easily, so seamlessly….

PS: am excited to buy new salad bowls for dinner as soon as the lockdown restrictions are pulled back:)

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